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Leverage the online RFP platform we use to successfully manage vendor selections on behalf of our clients (here are just a few examples):

Enterprise-level RFP Capabilities

RFP in the Cloud

No more emailing RFP files and copying and pasting to consolidate RFP responses. All RFP data is tracked and managed online, including:

  • Questionnaire - any size, nested sections/subsections, all field types
  • Responses - receive all responses online
  • Attachments - linked to the RFP or specific questions
  • Messages - track messages within the RFP so they're not lost in one employee's email account
  • Event Log - audit trail of events
  • Search - leverage custom tags to filter the RFP list

Define Requirements Efficiently

peakRFP provides a number of ways to leverage knowledge across your organization:

  • Requirements Library - create efficiencies by building a library of requirements that can be leveraged across multiple RFPs
  • Copy RFPs - copy an entire RFP or sections/questions from a past RFP
  • Copy Sections/Questions - copy sections/questions within an RFP
  • Import questions from Excel or XML files - save time by importing past Excel RFPs by using a specified format

Scoring RFP Responses

Score as a team or leverage multiple scorers:

  • Team Scoring - option to score as a team and track one score per RFP response question
  • Multiple Scorers - option for each team member to score RFP response questions separately
  • Calculate Agreed Score - if multiple scorers, the system can calculate the average score for RFP response questions
  • Auto-Scoring - for drop-down box or radio button questions, define an automatic score for each option
  • Scoring Notes - add scoring notes to an RFP response question score
  • Scorer Visibility - ability to setup scorers to only see the RFP sections they should be scoring

Defining Priorities

Create between stakeholder groups by applying each group's priorities to the scored RFP response:

  • Create Weighting Models - input numbers (ex: 1/2/3) and peakRFP will translate those numbers into percentages
  • Copy Weighting Models - copy an existing weighting model when creating new weighting models
  • Multiple Weighting Models - create multiple weighting models for an RFP to see how vendors rank against each weighting model
  • Export/Import Weighting Models - if you copy an RFP, you can copy the weighting models as well through an export and import function

Evaluating the Results

Leverage built-in onscreen and downloadable RFP weighted scoring results and vendor rankings:

  • Category Charts - view a horizontal bar chart for each category/subcategory after designating a weighting model
  • Results Matrix - view a scoring matrix after designating a weighting model and scorer (or the Agreed score)
  • Reports - view/print/download from a library of reports
  • Custom - create crosstab queries with selected questions compared to vendor responses
  • Excel/PDF/Word Exports - download a number of reports in different formats


We leverage this platform for all the RFPs we manage on behalf of our clients:

  • Client Accounts - setup accounts for your clients with their logo and manage their users and seurity roles
  • RFP Owners - setup a client as the owner of an RFP in order for their logo to be displayed on the RFP header and to enable their client account access to the RFP
  • Professionalism - leveraging an enterprise-level online platform to manage your RFPs increases your professionalism to your clients
  • Branding - enterprise subscriptions with their own instance of the platform can use a custom URL and logo for branding

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